Wrapping Up Our Season

We want to thank everyone who came on a cruise with us for a tremendous 2021 season. We know how difficult times were during the COVID-19 pandemic, putting a halt on many of the fun activities we provide for our clients at Charles Riverboat. In honor of a great season, we have highlighted some of the tours we offered below. We hope you enjoy some of these fun-filled events, and look forward to booking for our 2022 season.

Sightseeing Tourssightseeing cruise boston

Our sightseeing tours are a hit year after year. One of the most informative cruise tours for the city of Boston, we are happy to provide excitement and history for our guests each year.

architecture tourArchitecture Tours

Our unique architecture tour features the historical buildings and landmarks of Boston and along the Charles River. The photo below highlights our guests as they embarked on their journey!

Cocktail & Sunset Cruisescocktails cruise boston

The cocktail & sunset cruises are a fan favorite in the summer months. While the weather is still warm on the water, enjoy viewing the sunset over the Charles River. As you can see below, our guests had a fantastic time!

fall foliage cruise bostonFall Foliage Cruises

Guests enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage along the Charles River. This tour is perfect for soaking up the spectacular Fall Foliage New England has to offer, as you can see here.

Haunted Tales of the Charles Riverhaunted tales cruise boston

This was our newest cruise this year and it was a huge hit! We partnered with Cambridge Historical Tours, whose costumed tour guide spoke of eerie sightings, twisted deaths and haunted landmarks as we cruised the banks of the Charles River. 

Contact Us 

If you’re interested in what we have to offer for the 2022 season, be sure to stay tuned and informed through our website: https://charlesriverboat.com/. You can also give us a call at 617-621-3001. Thank you for an incredible season and we look forward to next year!