Why Your Next Birthday Party Should Be On Board a Boat

Each birthday is a new milestone in life and is something worth celebrating. Birthdays are a great way to make yourself or a loved one feel special! It also is a great opportunity to get friends and family all together in one place. Whether you are throwing your own birthday party or planning one for your spouse, family, or friend, here’s why you need to book a luxury boat cruise for your celebration. 

Privacy for Your Party

When you book a private cruise you get to decide who you invite on board. This experience on a boat is wildly different from the regular routine of eating out or getting drinks at a restaurant or bar.  Your soiree is completely private on board and you won’t be bumping into anyone through the evening, nor will you be competing for a table or service. This gives you peace and quiet from a restaurant or bar’s normal hustle & bustle (or the space to make as much noise as you’d like!), and it gives your party individualized attention. 

Size Accommodation 

Your party has no size minimum or maximum when you book a charter. Charles Riverboat Company is ready to accommodate parties of any size, from 2-145 guests! We offer a selection of vessels, and we will work with you to select the perfect fit based on your number of guests, price range, and desired route. Your entire event is customizable based on you and your group!

Spectacular Service

The service & attention to detail on board a luxury charter is like no other. The staff at Charles Riverboat Company is trained to anticipate your every need, saving you the frustration of restaurant services, catering, or hosting a party yourself. We take care of food and bar as well as the decor. Instead of stressing on the day of your party, you can sit back, relax, & enjoy!

An Unforgettable Celebration

You and your guests will never forget the birthday you spend aboard a cruise with us! The spectacular views, nautical atmosphere, and luxurious services are an experience anyone deserves on their big day! Charles Riverboat Company takes parties & events of all sizes around the coastline & through the Boston Harbor, with skilled staff on board & ready to create the experience of a lifetime. To get started on planning your birthday party or another private event, get in touch with us now!