Why Fall Is The Best Season

Fall is less than a week away, and in New England, Boston is particularly one of the most beautiful places to see the changing colors of the leaves. A New Englander’s favorite time of year is the fall due to the perfect temperatures. The hot and humid days of summer are over, and the cool air of winter is just around the corner.

Fall in Boston, MA

The city of Boston is thriving in the fall from students going back to school, to everyone in the city back from their long summer vacations. Most people would agree that fall is their favorite season in New England. But why?

Temperatures. The cooler temperatures allows for more layering and more comfortable clothes. Residents of Boston actually want to spend time outside because of the nice weather. Even rain won’t scare them away.

Less crowded. Many tourists love to come to Boston during the summer for a vacation, and leave once the cooler weather comes around. Although many college students move in during September, the area is less crowded and allows for easier travel around the city.

Fall activities. Surrounding Boston there are plenty of places to go and enjoy the wonderful things that Fall brinds us. THis includes apple picking and pumpkin picking. Both of these are popular Fall activities and there are plenty of local orchards that surround Boston. Stop by to pick some apples and try some world famous apple cider donuts!

The foliage. If you haven’t seen leaves change into their colorful red, orange, and yellow coloring, then this is something that cannot be missed. The trees around Boston are the perfect place to see fall really take place. People will plan their timing to come to New England to see the leaves, and locals call them “leaf peepers” because tourists and locals alike can’t help but to stare and fall in love.

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