What Makes a Riverboat Cruise Special

Whether you live in Boston, MA or are visiting, the city is beautiful! With the history, unique architecture, it’s impossible not to be in awe. Most people walk the streets, the freedom trail, and go on trolley cars with tours. A different unique way to learn about the city as well as experience it is to do a riverboat cruise.

Why do a Riverboat Cruise?

With our captions very knowledgeable about the city of Boston, MA and its history, you are able to get first-hand stories of historical landmarks that have been passed down. Not to mention you are taken through the Charles River which runs right through the city. While you sit, relax, feel the breeze, you are getting great views for pictures and learning about how Boston came to be!

Not only will you be entertained and educated on this tour, but your crew will also be walking around to answer any additional questions you may have about something the caption has mentioned or about something they didn’t.

What parts of Boston, MA will you be able to see?

As the tour goes along the Charles River you will get to see Cambridge, Beacon Hill, views along the Esplanade, parts of the Back Bay, and lots of kayakers, rowers, and sailors as they are out enjoying the scenery and city! You will have countless photo opportunities to get different shots of the city as well as a great view of the city as a whole.

If you are interested in doing a riverboat cruise book your cruise or feel free to contact us with any questions!