This week, we are excited to share the Charles River with the Red Bull Flugtag event happening on Saturday, August 20th! This is the very first time in 25 years that the competition will be hosted in the city of Boston.

red bull flugtag event A little history about this outrageous event, the first United States Flugtag competition took place in San Francisco, CA in October of 2002. The competition has since been held in major cities across the US that includes Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.

If this is the first time hearing about this Red Bull competition, the point is for competitors to build a flying machine and then drive it off twenty-eight foot flight deck directly into a body of water. Their goal is to get their flying machine to fly as long as it can. The teams that will be building and competing are made of five members and there is no requirement of aviation or construction experience.

The competition next week will be on the Charles River located directly next to the DCH Hatch Shell. This is a free event, gates open at 11:00am and the first flight goes off at 12:30pm!  so bring your friends and family and enjoy the fun!