Tips for Enjoying a Safe & Socially Distanced Summer

COVID-19 has disrupted industries and lives across the world, as well as what our daily activities, social lives, and travel plans look like. Summer is here and we are all trying to enjoy the beautiful weather while staying safe! With updated health regulations & recommendations, it is still possible to enjoy Summer and stay safe! Check out these tips to have fun in Boston this Summer from the Charles Riverboat Company.

Stay in Small Groups

Keeping your social circle small is key to staying safe this Summer. Along with exposing you to fewer germs, socializing in small groups allows the places you visit to more easily keep up with sanitation. In Phase 2 of reopening, the Charles Riverboat Company is currently welcoming groups as large as 10 guests to enjoy the Boston Harbor from the water.

Respect Social Distancing

Social distancing guidelines suggest staying a minimum of six feet apart from others to prevent the spread of infection. Be mindful of this limit when visiting stores, parks, and tourist attractions! Many locations have ground markers indicating where you should stand in regards to others when waiting in line. Also, for your own safety, choose to dine at restaurants that have tables adequately spaced.

Wear a Mask

Wearing masks has been recommended to stop the spread of infection, and it is an important precaution to take when you are in public spaces. This lowers the chance of spreading or contracting a virus. Remember to grab a mask on your way out the door to visit gift stores, coffee shops, indoor & outdoor tourist attractions, and local markets!

Stay Sanitized

If possible, carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you and wash your hands with soap and water wherever the option is available. Charles Riverboat Company is going above and beyond CDC protocols for sanitation, with hand sanitizer readily available to crew & guests and increased frequency of sanitation of all touch surfaces.

Enjoy a Safe Summer in Boston!

One of the best places to get fresh air this Summer while maintaining social distancing guidelines is out on the open water. Charles Riverboat Company is currently accepting reservations for parties of up to 10 people for private events and looking to begin their public sightseeing tours by July 10th should guidelines allow. Limited crew will of course be onboard to ensure your best cruise experience! Parties are welcome to bring their own food along to enjoy a lunch, dinner, or brunch at sea! Read more about our sanitation procedures and book your reservation now to safely enjoy the beauty of Boston.