The 12 Days of Christmas Charles Riverboat Company Style

1 Family Business

The Charles Riverboat Company was started by Russell and Eliza Cushman in 1990. They were newly married and had a love for boats! They saw a potential in the Charles River as it gives such a beautiful vantage point of both Boston and Cambridge. The company is the only boat business on the river! The family has owned and operated the company since the beginning!

2 Riverboats

The Charles 1 and the Henry Longfellow are the two riverboats that were custom designed to cruise on the Charles River! The Charles 1 was originally a flat barge that then was turned into a boat that it is today with lots of hours in a boatyard! The Charles 1 was the first boat in the company!

3 Floors on Valiant

The Yacht Valiant has 3 different levels on board. The main floor boasts a beautiful teak bar, magnificent model ship and has a fantail to be enjoyed for any occasion. The upstairs is where the Captain drives from as well as has a buffet, bar and ample room for tables and chairs. The lowest level offers 3 staterooms for people to use during their cruise. Typically, these rooms get reserved for a bride and her bridal party or a client who needs to prepare for a speech!

4 Sales Team Members

The sales team consists of four members that are ready to plan the event of your dreams. They bring their expertise to help plan weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and any other occasion that you can think of! They will listen to what you want and put together a customized event tailored just to you!

5 Different Boats

The Charles Riverboat Company has a fleet of 5 different boats. The 5 boats offer a variety of different options to fit with any group’s needs! The two Riverboats that typically cruise the Charles River, are called the Charles 1 and Henry Longfellow. The Lexington is the two-level sidewheel paddle boat that cruises out in Boston Harbor and can hold up to 145 guests! The Valiant is the luxury yacht that cruises in Boston Harbor and around the New England Coastline! Finally, the Carousel is a 49-foot yacht that is great for groups up to 6 people! This boat is perfect for proposals, photo shoots, cocktail parties or just a relaxing commute or whale watch!

6 Bridges Overhead

You will cruise under 6 different bridges on board one of our Sightseeing Tours on the Charles River. The bridges have all different designs and lots of stories about them! Join us on the tour to learn more!

7 Types of Wine

We offer 7 different kinds of wine on board the Lexington and the Valiant. Whether you are in the mood for red, white or rose we have you covered! We even have custom wine glasses for those boats with an etching of the boat as the design!

8 Boat Tours Daily

On an average weekend during the 2020 season, you will be able to join us on 8 of our daily cruises. Whether you are looking to hear some fun facts on one of our Sightseeing or Architecture Cruises, or to relax with a cold beverage on a Sunset Cruise in the evening, we have you covered! All ticketed cruises leave from the CambridgeSide Mall!

9 Dinner Menus

We offer a variety of menu options for every group! You can pick from our 9 different dinner options or create a custom menu just for your group!

10 Round Tables on Lexington

On board the Lexington, we typically have 10 large tables set up on the lower level! That boat can fit 80 people on one level all eating at the same time!

11 Weddings on Board

During the 2019 summer, we had 11 weddings on board our boats! They ranged in size and price, but each was a special memory that we were honored to be a part of! We love all things about weddings; whether, is the actual ceremony, rehearsal dinner or day after bunch!

12 Crew a Working

The Charles Riverboat Company has 12 full time employees. They work hard year-round to ensure our summer season runs smoothly with lots of happy cruisers! We thank everyone from our team for all they do to make the Charles Riverboat Company a fun and safe place for our customers!