Say “I Do!” – Boston Harbor Wedding Proposals

There is nothing quite like being onboard the Carousel with the Boston skyline to say I do! Whether you are ready to pop the question, celebrate the occasion with friends or family or just want to take some amazing photos of this incredible city, the Carousel makes the perfect spot. From private engagements to custom celebrations, we are here to make your special moment one you will never forget. Once onboard, our Captains will customize the route to ensure you get that perfect shot. We look forward to helping you plan your moment on the water! Sunset & Cocktail Cruise.

charles riverboat company wedding proposals
charles riverboat company wedding proposals

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we created an easy 5 step plan to the perfect proposal. Keep reading if you want to know more and have an unbelievable proposal!

5 Steps to Plan the Perfect Proposal

01 Pick a Date & Time!

You have made up your mind you are going to propose to your partner. Where do you start? We recommend first picking the date that you plan on asking them to marry you. There are many reasons why picking a date is important; it allows you a deadline to ensure you get everything done in time for the big day, gives yourself enough time to get a ring, and lets you coordinate the date with any other important events.

charles riverboat company wedding proposal

02 Getting Down on One Knee

02 Getting Down on One Knee

Take a walk along the Harbor and get down on one knee! Then take a romantic boat ride along the Boston skyline with food and drinks!

Tell your partner you are going on a romantic boat ride! Get down on one knee as the sun sets behind the Boston city skyline!

03 Food and Beverage

charles riverboat company wedding proposal

Pick up the perfect picnic basket or charcuterie board from the Boston Harbor Hotel and enjoy!

Bring on your own bottle of champagne or wine to celebrate THE moment!

04 Photographer

DO Hiring a photographer can help you with many logistics such as when, lighting, style of photos, etc. The ultimate job of a proposal photographer is to capture the big moment without drawing too much attention, or sometimes any at all. 

DO NOT Some couples aren’t necessarily attracted to having other people there and would like to have something very intimate. If you don’t think they will want a photographer, we’d advise that you propose, then discuss an engagement shoot, that way you can choose your location, outfits, and any other elements.

05 Decor

You can bring flowers, props like signboards that say, “Will You Marry Me”, or anything that is special to you both.

Let the Adventure Begin…

let the adventure begin at charles riverboat company

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If you’re interested in taking your proposal to the next level, please contact our team here at the Charles Riverboat Company today. We will help you book your boat with us so that you can get on the water as soon as possible! To get in touch with us, please give us a call at (617) 621-3001 or email us at