River Cruise Packing List

Summer is here, and there has never been a better time to go on a cruise. Unlike ocean cruises, rivers are much calmer and more relaxed. To avoid any inconvenience or hiccup in your trip, here’s a list of essential things you should check off your packing list for a cruise along the Charles River.


You should pack cruise-specific clothes. Since you will spend a few hours of your time aboard our riverboat, you should pack your clothes depending on the length of the cruise and the weather during your cruise time. Since we are out on the water, I would suggest bringing a light sweater/jacket if the wind picks up while we are cruising. 

Extra Bags

Since you’ll be spending your time on the boat, you may want to bring an extra bag with water or a granola bar. Getting an additional backpack or tote bag, you can carry around during the day is a great idea to avoid losing things such as your sunglasses, wallet, keys, etc. You can also keep your devices in them to prevent them from getting lost while you’re on the move!

Rain & Sun Gear

You always have to plan for changes in the weather. If it’s sunny, never go out without sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Bring your sunglasses along to protect your eyes, and keep a small umbrella or raincoat in your bag just in case.

Cruising With The Charles Riverboat Company

If you’re going on a river cruise and want a smooth, memorable experience, contact the Charles Riverboat Company. We have some of the best views in Boston, and you’ll never get bored on our river cruise. Our cruise is packed with fun and exciting daily events and locations to visit. Get in touch with us by calling 617.621.3001 or emailing sales@charlesriverboat.com. We hope to hear from you soon!