Renewing Your Vows On A Private Boat

Celebrating a renewal of vows is an extraordinary moment. It’s something you want to remember for the rest of your life. It’s not as massive as planning a wedding. But it’s a significant milestone in your marriage and genuinely romantic. You don’t have to invite many family and friends, but much thought and effort still have to go in. 

More and more people are finding that renewing their vows on private boats is such a special way to celebrate love. It might be the water’s calmness or the beautiful ocean view. If you and your partner have thought about renewing your vows and recommit each other. Here are three reasons why you should do it on a private boat. 


Cruise boats are booked for romantic getaways all the time, so renewing your vows in one means you’re up the right alley. What is more romantic than saying I do, all over again? There are a ton of private boats that offer vow renewal services. Most of them already have it as special offers on their cruise. Our package will include an intimate venue, flowers, and an event planner to help you organize your day and take care of every detail. From the minute you step on the boat, the cruise line will ensure you and your guests are catered for. 


Charles Riverboat cruise

Among other venues you can renew your vows in, a cruise boat would seem a little on the high end, but if you consider the two-in-one value you’re getting, which is renewing your vows and being part of the actual cruise, it’s unbeatable. After you’re done with your private event, you get to enjoy an afternoon on the water with friends and family!


Private boats at sea ensure that your re-commitment ceremony is shared with those that truly matter to you. Since it’ll just be you, your spouse, and maybe your family and friends, you can expect a peaceful program without interruptions. There are usually private areas designed for ceremonies like this, so once you guys are done, you can join the rest of the passengers and enjoy your cruise.

Renewing Your Vows With The Charles Riverboat Company

Let the Charles Riverboat Company make your special moment less stressful and memorable. We’ve got the best prices for the value we offer. We’ll help you plan your vow renewal service from start to finish. All you and your partner have to do is show up, enjoy and fall in love all over again. Contact us today by calling 617.621.3001 or emailing