Top reasons to take a riverboat cruise while you’re in Boston

Top reasons to take a riverboat cruise while you’re in Boston


Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States, and its roots lie deep within the water that surrounds the city. Both Boston Harbor and the Charles River run around and through the city, creating a majestic and peaceful atmosphere that is embedded deep in the city’s culture. Having the opportunity to not only be on the water but also take advantage of the stunning views the city has to offer is one of the most popular requests when tourists come to town, which is why there is no better option than taking a cruise with Charles Riverboat while you’re here.


Unmatched Views

Boston’s historic waterfront is one of the biggest draws to the city. Both the Charles River and Boston Harbor run through and along the city, creating magical views of the city and its architecture. Seeing Boston from the water adds another element to not only the size of the buildings but also the layout of the city’s numerous and visually different neighborhoods. Seeing the sunset over Boston on the Charles River is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can only be found with Charles Riverboat. 


Historic Waterfront

The history of Boston, and specifically its waterfront, goes back hundreds of years. Boston’s distinct neighborhoods each have their own waterfront vibe and culture. From the North End to Seaport and even Cambridge, all coastal parts of the city have something unique to offer, and that is only enhanced when viewed from the water on one of Charles Riverboats’ cruises. 


Unmatched experience

Charles Riverboat isn’t your ordinary cruise service; depending on which vessel and cruise you go on, you may have a full bar and food service, sunset or 4th of July fireworks views of the city, or even an exclusive tour detailing the city’s rich architecture. Charles Riverboat strives to give the best possible experience and service to our guests on every voyage and we do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests. 


Join us on the water

Contact us today at 617-621-3001 or to schedule one of our many cruise options while you are visiting the city. Charles Riverboat has many different options for both vessels and types of cruises that can be viewed on our website; we also strive to make all requests possible. Reach out to us today for any questions or personalized requests regarding our cruises.