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As a family-run business, The Charles River Boat Company strives to provide our guests with the best possible cruise experience on the Charles River and Boston Harbor for private events and public cruises alike. In sincere appreciation of the strong community and client patronage over the past 30 years, CRBC is dedicated to operating the most environmentally and socially responsible boat company in New England. CRBC is committed to supporting local community, educational, and non-profit organizations.

The Charles River Boat Company is proud to support many non-profit and community organizations that serve the Cambridge and Boston communities, as well as other surrounding local and national organizations. We have focused our efforts on being environmentally responsible, furthering education, and assisting community service groups. Since our creation in 1990, Charles River Boat Company has donated over $1.5 million worth of cruise tickets, private charters, and cash contributions to organizations that promote these efforts.


Our Mission


The Charles River Boat Company has been a staunch supporter of groups that focus on cleaning our local waterways. We have been longtime supporters of the Charles River Clean-Up Boat, the Charles River Watershed Association, the Charles River Conservancy, and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay organizations. In addition, The Charles Riverboat Company strives to operate as the most environmentally responsible company through a comprehensive recycling program and by operating our vessels with the most modern equipment. We have committed over half a million dollars to repowering our entire fleet with Tier 3 engines, the newest and cleanest engines available.


Education is a key goal of the Charles River Boat Company. Our tours focus on the tremendous history of Boston and Cambridge. Our sightseeing and architectural tours highlight the rich history and sites of these cities, with views that are best appreciated from the water. We work with numerous local school and youth programs to offer hundreds of free or discounted tickets annually. We are also fortunate to have many local inner city school teachers who are employed seasonally at CRBC, and we are proud to have donated thousands of dollars of much-needed school supplies to each of their classrooms.

Community Outreach 

The Charles River Boat Company has a long history of donating to non-profits and community groups for fundraising purposes. Each year, we have donated over $50,000 worth of tour passes or cruises to organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Windrush Farms, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Community Boating, local public and private schools, and numerous cancer organizations. For more than 30 years, we have fulfilled the donation requests of thousands of non-profit organizations and groups.

Request a Donation

Please Note: We must receive donation requests on the letterhead of the organization making the request. This letter must state the date and reason for a fundraiser and the organization’s FID number, with a copy of non-profit or 501(C)(3) status. You can upload this document while completing the donation forms request below. Questions? Contact us at 617-621-3001.

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