Packing Essentials for a Cool Weather Trip to Boston

The city of Boston is a huge tourism attraction year-round thanks to the city’s energizing sports culture, robust American history, and amazing eateries. The city also boasts a one of a kind balance between historic and modern buildings, making for breathtaking architectural views, and even has a the Seaport district where you can truly see the best views of New England from the water or land. Packing for New England weather can be difficult if you don’t know what to expect. Here are the essentials for your next fall trip to Boston!

A Practical Bag

Ladies who often carry large shoulder bags might opt to swap out their usual piece for a stylish backpack option – Heavy bags weighing on one shoulder will get tiring and uncomfortable during your tour, but you will still want some sort of bag to carry your daily essentials & any goodies picked up while exploring.

Comfortable Shoes

Touring Boston can involve a lot of walking since it is a smaller city. You won’t want to limit your experience by wearing shoes you can’t comfortably walk around in! Comfortable shoes will be your best fashion option for this trip. If you do choose to wear a heel, remember many of our sidewalks are brick or cobblestone.

Weather Appropriate Jacket

Boston also has the option of sightseeing tours from the city’s waters that offer spectacularly unique views. This includes specialized tours that highlight architecture, twilight, the sunset hour & more depending on your schedule and interests. The key to preparing for a boat tour is to make sure you won’t be cold! Bringing a jacket suited for your walking & enjoying seaside views is key to having the best experience.

Sports Gear

If you have heard anything about New England & specifically Boston, you know that the area boasts major team spirit. If you’re a Boston sports fan and have the jersey or hat to prove it, flaunt it! Boston is a place that is easy to feel at home in and joining our team spirit will help you truly become a Bostonian for a day.

Sun Protection

Even in the colder weather, Boston can be a sunny city. Sun can reflect off snow or the water and be harsh on the eyes. Bring your favorite pair of sunglasses for your trip! You will also want to have adequate protection for your skin from the sun, including a bottle of sunscreen.

If you’re looking to add the best attractions to your Boston itinerary, be sure to check out the list of Charles Riverboat Company’s sightseeing tours.