Our Favorite Things About New England in the Fall

New England is a wonderful place year round, but many locals agree that the area is at its best during the fall. The hot & humid summer weather has finally cooled off to a comfortable breeze, and Boston locals & tourists alike take full delight in everything that an Autumn in the city can offer. Check out this list of can’t-be-missed features of Boston to savor this fall!

Changing Colors fall at harvard

The foliage in New England undergoes a magical change in the fall season. Leaves turn from green to burning shades of yellow, umber, red, and orange while falling to the ground to then be crunched under our feet. The Charles River offers the perfect vantage point for this ever changing foliage, as one gets to see Harvard’s campus glow with pride while their trees turn crimson. Even driving down the highways of New England is a different experience in the fall! The views simply cannot be missed.

Delicious Treats

Along with the beautiful weather and scenery, fall also brings the best seasonal treats of New England. Fall is the time to warm up with a cup of hot apple cider, take a bite out of a crisp, fresh picked apple, dipped in caramel, and chow down on sweet maple cookies. It might be pumpkin spiced latte season nationwide, but only New England can offer you these handmade treats from local orchards and bakeries. Foodies can also enjoy succulent seafood, scrumptious sweets, and ethnic enclaves with fall-inspired eclectic menus.

Fresh Scents

Fall is the time for crisp air, pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and everything in between. Along with lighting your favorite candles, tourists can be assured that the humidity in the Boston area has lifted & that a cool and crisp breeze is settling in over the waterfronts. Fall is the ideal time for tourism here! A walk along the Esplanade, or a stroll around along the harbor walk is perfect for picking up those crisp fall scents. While you’re there, you can find our fleet of boats cruising from the Charles River, to Boston Harbor.

Unique Views

If you’re looking to maximize your fall experience in the Boston Area, the Charles Riverboat Company‘s Fall Foliage Cruise allows you a unique & spectacular view of Boston from its own waters. The Charles Riverboat Company offers you the full autumn experience during a 90 minute cruise, right down to the complimentary cookies & cider. The cruise showcases views of Back Bay, MIT, Harvard & more for an educational and unforgettable experience.

To learn more about the special Fall Foliage Cruise & reserve your spot, check out our Special Events page!