Meet The Crew for Our Tours in Boston & Cambridge, MA

Whether on our crew is on board or in the office, all of the employees are what makes the  Charles Riverboat Company the way it is! Our success as a company is anchored by our staff! Meet some of our crew members today & learn how we come together to make our cruises the best possible experience!

A Snapshot of our Crew


Meet Russell, this is the man who made CRBC a reality!

Name: Russell Cushman
Job Title: Owner & Founder
How Many years with CRBC: 29
Favorite Boat: Charles 1, because it was the first boat in the company.
River or Harbor: River
Favorite Color: Blue
From: Marblehead, MA


Kelly, who’s one of our new Office Interns this summer!

Favorite Boat: The Charles 1, because it is where she has done all of her vessel training.
Favorite part about being an Office Intern: Everyday is different.
Favorite Color: Pink
Fun Fact: She went to High School abroad in Columbia! Kelly also speaks three languages; English, Spanish, and Arabic
From: Revere, MA.

Tour Guide Donna!

Here are some facts about Donna:
How many years with CRBC: 7 Years
Favorite boat: the Henry Longfellow because it has an easy gate to open and a handy ice machine on board.
Favorite Tour Fact: Magazine Beach
Favorite Color: Marine Blue
Fun Fact: Her career history! She was a high school teacher, then had an AI Company, worked at IBM, and now teaches visitors the history and facts on our Charles River Tour. You could say she’s come full circle!
From: New Haven, CT (but has been in Boston for 40 years)

Tour Guide Meet Zoe!

Favorite Boat: The Henry Longfellow because she spends the most time on it.
Favorite Tour Fact: Viking ships under the Longfellow Bridge
Favorite Color: Green
Fun Fact: Zoe does improv and stand-up comedy
From: California

Captain Nate! Here are some facts about Nate:

Job Title: Captain
How Many years with CRBC: 1
Favorite Boat: Charles 1, because it holds the most guests for tours
Favorite Tour Fact: Old Ford Assembly Plant
Favorite Color: Caribbean Blue
From: Winthrop, MA.

Captain Gibson!

Job Title: Sr. Fleet Captain
How Many yeas with CRBC: 5
Favorite Boat: the work skiff
Favorite Fact from the Tour: Weather Beacon
River or Harbor: River
Fun Fact: Gibson has officiated two weddings on the Valiant
Favorite Color: Blue
From: Marblehead, MA


Tour Guide Noah!

Years with CRBC: 5.5 years
Favorite Boat: Henry Longfellow, because it’s quaint and cozy
Favorite Tour Fact: Architectural history of Boston, especially the facts about Brutalism
Cruising on the River or Harbor: River, because of the view of the Boston Skyline
Favorite Color: Green
From: Lee, Maine


Controller Kelley!

Here are some facts about Kelley:
Years working for CRBC: 24
Favorite Boat: The Charles 1 because she could still fit behind the bar when she was pregnant
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Tour Fact: “my favorite part is that my family can recite the tour almost as well as our crew”
From: Peabody, MA.


Senior Mechanic Lou!

Here are some facts about Lou:
How Many years with CRBC: 17
Favorite Boat: Carousel
Favorite Tour Fact: Smoot Bridge
Favorite Color: Blue
From: Salem, MA.
This photo is of Lou with his wonderful wife Sue at his surprise birthday party last year on the Charles 1!

Chief Operating Officer Tom!


How Many years with Charles Riverboat Company: 26
Favorite Boat: Charles 1, the first boat in the company.
Favorite Fact from the Tour: The origin of Kingsford Charcoal, because he loves to grill.
Favorite Color: Blue
From: Newton, MA, but born in Cambridge!


Office Intern, Meghan!

Here’s some facts about Meghan!
How many years with CRBC? 2 seasons!
Favorite Boat: the Henry Longfellow because the hold is easier to get down into.
Favorite part of working as an intern: Helping out on the phone because every conversation is different.
Favorite Color: Green
Fun Fact: She’s been to Ireland 2 times and is on her way to making a 3rd time!
From: Orange, CT.