How Micro Weddings are Perfect for 2021

The buzz for micro weddings seems to be continuing in 2021. Perhaps the fear of gathering big crowds and the necessity of maintaining social distancing protocols leave us no other option, but it doesn’t need to be all that bad.

In fact, if you look on the other side, people are grabbing the opportunity to organize the intimate wedding they had dreamed of as teenagers. If you’re in the same boat, we congratulate you on the fine idea.

A micro wedding gives much room for innovation, creativity, and tons of fun. Here is how you can plan a truly memorable micro wedding for yourself:

Planning Your Micro Wedding

Here are some tips:

  • You can go completely traditional if you want. Micro does not mean you need to compromise your favorite traditions but only stick to a smaller guest count.
  • Invite only those family and friends who are closest to you.
  • Be extravagant with decor since you will be saving lots on guest count. You can even have a lavish buffet and surprise entertainments.
  • Choose a unique destination or venue. You can even have a cruise wedding because, hey, you have a small guest count now. You have the liberty to be as unique as you like. Imagine the height of romance, fun, adventure, and fantastic memories you’ll have on your wedding cruise. It will surely be a day to remember for your guests too.

Micro Wedding Cruise Around Boston-Why It’s a Great Idea

If you’re skeptical about having your once-in-a-lifetime grand affair on a cruise in Boston, then we are here to lay your fears to rest. Imagine how much more you can do when you have a small number of people to cater to.

There are no madly-in-love couples on earth who would deny the opportunity of saying their vows atop a luxurious cruise, with the magnificent ocean around them and the glorious open sky above. Why not grab that fairytale for you and your partner too?

You will get great views that will also make fantastic backdrops for your wedding album. With Boston offering nice weather three seasons of the year, sunny temperate weather is a real possibility, especially if you opt for the summer months

By arranging your wedding on a cruise around Boston, you will have a central location that guests will not have difficulty reaching, easy parking, and access to your after-party.

If you’re worried about the food, photographers, and the staff of the cruise, then put your fears to rest. The cruise has a variety of menu options and great photographers and other vendors to complement the cruise service. As for the staff? We guarantee you will find the most cooperative, friendly, masked, and safely distanced staff onboard to be by your side during your special day. 

Charles River Boat Company: Boston Harbor Wedding Cruises in 2021

A micro wedding on a cruise with Charles River Boat Company is a great option for those who are engaged and looking for a Boston wedding in 2021. The pandemic may pose other restrictions, but this could all work to your advantage and give you the most fairytale-like fantasy wedding ever. Charles Riverboat Company offers a variety of different boats both on the Charles River and Boston Harbor to fit the needs and budget of any event. We hope to have many couples onboard in 2021 to tie the knot!