Getting Married on Board a Boat: The Benefits of a Nautical Nuptial

Whether it is a shared love of the sea, a need for adventure, or a desire to be different, there are many reasons that couples are drawn to the idea of holding their wedding ceremony & reception aboard a boat. Couples can either choose to elope on a boat with very small parties or they can have a huge guest list. They also have the choice of having both the ceremony & reception aboard or opt for just one or the other! Whichever way it is arranged, getting married onboard a boat is a break from the traditional ways and will make for a spectacular big day! 

An Adventure With Convenience

A wedding aboard a boat is similar in feel & theme to a destination wedding, but without the full vacation expenses for all involved. Most cruise boat companies will offer a wedding package that includes options for catering, bar service, and decor. At the Charles Riverboat Company, we even designate an experienced wedding planner among their crew so that you don’t have to worry about finding one separately.

Unforgettable Views

The incredible views that accompany weddings aboard cruise boats are one of the main reasons why so many couples choose the sea as their venue. Charles Riverboat Company offers spectacular views of the Boston Harbor and all around Boston from the water for a spectacular backdrop to your big day. The memories will be unforgettable for you & your guests, and pictures & videos from your big day will be perfectly captured.

Party-Like Atmosphere

Taking to the sea is exciting for all, and weddings are equally as jubilant. Combining the two makes for an incredible celebration filled with happiness. Most boats can accommodate a full dance floor for weddings & events as well as a full bar & catering services. Like event halls, our boats are used to accommodating a variety of events and can adjust to your choice of a sit-down meal or a full buffet. Between the adventure, the views, and the party, your wedding aboard one of our boats will truly be a night to remember.