Charles River Tours in Boston, MA

Let’s face it, the Boston skyline is one of the most picturesque skylines. It’s known across the country and especially in New England as one of the most beautiful. Have you ever seen the iconic skyline from the Charles River? If the answer is no, then let the Charles Riverboat company show you!

With so much to do in the city of Boston from shopping to restaurants and seeing historical sights to local breweries, there’s no shortage of activities to do. Boston is a city with a history that dates back so far that there are things that you won’t read in a history book. It’s a great idea to get a local’s insight into the city and learn about what makes Boston such a great city!

Charles Riverboat tours take you along both Boston & Cambridge to get you a whole new perspective of the city whether you live in it or are visiting. Our tour is great for families of all ages, with a fun and informative guide we know everyone will learn something while they have fun!

To get more information on our tours or to book now, call us at 617.621.3001 or contact us directly on our website. We can’t wait to show you Boston by boat!