Adjusting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many normal activities in our lives, but don’t let anything get in the way of your love if you have wedding plans for 2020! There are plenty of alternative options to adjust your plans and create a spectacular wedding ceremony for yourself, your soon to be spouse, and your closest loved ones.
Trim Down Your Guest List

An obvious change you are going to have to make is to cut down your guest list to only essential friends and family members. While this might not allow for the lavish extravaganza you were hoping for, you will find just as much joy and love can be achieved with an intimate ceremony and celebration. Charles Riverboat Company, based in Cambridge and Rowes Wharf in Boston, can currently accommodate up to 45 guests per cruise, but also specializes in smaller weddings of any size from as little as just a couple of people which is usually just the couple, their parents, and siblings or close friends! If you were hoping for a larger wedding, you can always throw an equally elaborate celebration when COVID restrictions lift!

Make it Scenic

One of the best parts of a small wedding is that you can take it wherever you want to. Whether you’re going for a rustic woods ceremony or a nautical private boat cruise, these options are much more attainable with a smaller guest list. Charles Riverboat Company in Boston offers private wedding cruises that cruise the Boston Harbor and Charles River, bringing views of the water and the Boston skyline to your wedding memories! This is gorgeous for the day of and for stunning pictures to look back on.

Shop Vendors Online

Still working on finalizing your bouquet or decor, but not sure how to do so with restrictions? Businesses are continuing to adjust operations with COVID, and many consultations are now available online. Do some research and find a local florist or wedding planner to work with and take some stress off yourself! Don’t worry, if you choose to work with the Charles Riverboat Company, the sales manager works one on one with you to help organize and give you suggestions! They can recommend DJ’s and florists and even can give you discounts! We also include so many items in our charter rates such as tables, chairs, linens, flower centerpieces, crew, fuel and dockage!

Wedding Cruises on the Boston Harbor

Remember, even with COVID being the main concern for our daily lives, you still deserve to celebrate your love! If you’re looking to adjust your plans for your nuptials, look no further than Charles Riverboat Company in Boston, MA. It will be truly an unforgettable wedding day with breathtaking views that you will appreciate on the day of and in pictures for decades to come. To work with us for your wedding, please get in touch online or call today!