5 Ideas for a Classic Wedding

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, and you get to plan every detail of it to be exactly what you envision. Many brides choose a theme for their wedding that fits their everyday style, whether this is rustic, glamour, bohemian, or vintage. Classic weddings have a timeless feel to them, and are fun to be a part of and to look back on for decades to come! If you’re looking to have the classic wedding of your dreams, check out the ideas from the wedding planners at the Charles Riverboat Company in Boston, MA!

Choose a Timeless Dress

Let’s be honest – The bride’s wedding dress is the main focus of any wedding! It is also the most admired piece in photos for decades to come. If you are looking to have a classic theme at your wedding, it is best to choose a dress with a timeless style instead of one that follows current trends. This might mean a dress with lace, Understated is a great way to achieve sophistication!

Use a Neutral Color Palette

Neutral color palettes ensure that you are not choosing something you will regret later when you look back on your wedding photos. White flowers, simple decor, and understated bridesmaids’ dresses will work to enhance the main focus on the bride & groom!

Opt for Classic Music

A setlist of classic songs & singers is the perfect choice for your classic wedding. Old songs that everyone is familiar with create a sense of nostalgia and set the mood to celebrate your love! Consider dancing the night away to Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Natalie Cole, and Aretha Franklin.

Prioritize Details

Small details make a huge difference when it comes to elegance. From the invitations, to the decor, to the party favors, remember that details make the difference. Consider the fonts on place cards, table markers, and invitations.

Make it Nautical

From the navy & white color scheme to the formal attire, a nautical theme is a great choice for a timeless wedding. The Charles Riverboat Company’s vessels give you the option of a large or small wedding, and all offer the classic feel of a day at sea. To consult with our wedding coordinators, please contact us today!